The Essence of Angels@ vibrational essences are a gift from the Archangels, Master Crystal Energies andthe Ancient Mystery Schools of Atlantis, Lemuria,Egypt and the Maya.

They assist people in theirawakening, growth, attunement and personal empowerment.

The Angel Essences are not just another range of Essences – they are
Sacred Liquid Light Templates created through conscious design.

These Sacred Liquid Light Templates activate and awaken our DNA, help us to embrace our
full 5th Dimensional Light within a physical body and open our conscious awareness to our multidimensional states of beingness.

The Angels Essences are major facilitators of change, helping us to transcend the limiting beliefs of our physicalworld and open our hearts and minds to the miracles that are created through the magick of imagination and the power of conscious design.

lnitial Consult including Remedy $75
Further Consult including Remedy $50
Remedy Refills $25

Mystic Universe essence of angels