Selenite is one of the prettiest and most elegant crystals that you will ever see. With its pristine white color, it will look breathtaking next to different colored stones and crystals! It appears quite luminous and is mystical stone with may different healing properties.

The most common selenite crystals are white and translucent and with beautiful striations.It’s usually tubular in shape. It may also be a lovely apricot peach colour which is beautiful for supporting the heart chakra.

Even though it is often a dark coloured stone, Smoky Quartz has a beautiful transparency. This crystal honours our connection to Mother Earth and the base Chakra. It anchors us and draws white light energy from the Crown down through the body to be deeply rooted into the physical plane. It initiates primal forces within the body and activates one’s survival instincts

Sunstone carries the fire energy of Ra, the sun god, whose energy brings all potential life from within the Earth. It is a Stone of Leadership, personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness. It is highly light reflecting which makes it appear like it is giving off actual flashes of light. Sunstone brings openness, warmth, strength & mental clarity.