Crystal Light Healing® Level I – Workshop Overview

Crystal Light Healing® Level I is the first study level in the Crystal Light Healing® series. The Crystal Light Healing® Levels I, II & III may be completed in any order and there are no pre-requisites.

The primary aim of our Crystal Light Healing® Level I Workshop  is for students to open their hearts to ancient crystalline wisdom, and understand how when we master this wisdom we are empowered to express without boundary our soul purpose.

Students complete the Workshop understanding Crystalline Earth in the greater context of our Solar System, Galaxy and all of Creation in order to embrace the Essence of Crystals & Crystalline Energy.

The following is a list of the primary topics covered in Crystal Light Healing® I:

~ Connecting with Crystals and their role in Creation
~ Overview of Crystalline Energy
~ Awakening to the Grand Cycle & the Golden Age
~ Comprehensive overview of the 22 Major healing Crystals
~ Understanding energetics /doctrine of signatures of Crystalline formations
~ Attuning, Programming and Activating Crystals
~ Accessing Crystalline Wisdoms for healing self & others
~ Communicating with Crystal Devas & Master Crystal Energies
~ Gridding for Healing, Meditation and Crystal Activation
~ Crystal cleansing & activation
~ Sacred Crystal Ceremony – Crystal ‘Structure Water’ Essence

Workshops are held at :
Mystic Universe
5/80 Sixth Ave Maroochydore Qld, 4558
Please call Sue on 0422 893 269 of all enquiries and bookings

A Gift of Awakening

Crystal Light Healing is a journey of embracing the story of Creation through ancient crystalline wisdom. A story that is locked within the 1st / 8th dimensional Crystals of Mother Earth, and holds the key to understanding who you are, why you chose this life-time and how to fully embrace your Soul potential here on Earth.

As we awaken to the crystalline wisdom we are free to co-create a life filled with joy, good health, loving relationships and financial freedom.
We are free to simply be the highest vibration of our authentic self.

Crystal Light Healing & the Mystery Schools

Crystal Light Healing is based on the crystal wisdom’s of the ancient Mystery Schools of Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt and the Mayan Civilisation. The Wise Ones of those times mastered the ancient craft of using crystals for healing and alchemically blended the elements for vibrational transformation and transmutation.

These ancient wisdom’s have now been brought into a contemporary setting by Simone M Matthews from her experiences with these Mastery Schools over many lifetimes.

Crystal Light Healing accesses  the vibrational frequency of crystals through colour, sound, light and sacred geometry. These frequencies are then resonated through our subtle bodies, chakras and higher vibrational points to stimulate healing and release dis-ease.

Crystal Light Healing® Workshops

The two day Crystal Light Healing® workshops are designed for people of all ages and levels of experience. Whether you are a novice wishing to explore crystal energetics or a dedicated healer, Crystal Light Healing® is designed to touch the hearts and minds of all and facilitate a transformative experience of personal growth and spiritual reconnection.

Each workshop is very hands on and covers in detail both the theory and practical application of crystals for healing. There are lots of practical exercises, group work and time to answer your personal questions. Above all, the workshos are amazing experiences of self-discovery, awakening and of course fun.

The workshops provide you with the tools necessary to use crystals to channel energy for yourself, family and / or establish a healing practice. Crystalline energy helps to unite people again in peace, love and harmony, creating Heaven here on Earth.

Who Should Attend

The two day Crystal Light Healing® workshops are designed for people of all ages and levels of experience.

  • Anyone with a passionate LOVE of crystals and a calling to learn more about ancient crystalline healing.
  • Students or those guided to establish a Crystal Light Healing® professional practice,
  • Hands on Healers, intuitive readers etc,
  • Holistic health practitioners wishing to broaden their range of healing modalities.

Crystal Light Healing® Pre-requistes

Crystal Light Healing® Levels 1, 2, or 3 maybe completed in any order, and there are no pre-requisites. You may choose to attend just one level, or complete all three levels to qualify for Crystal Light Healing Practitioner registration.

The minimum pre-requisite for Crystal Light Healing® 4 is Crystal Light Healing® 3. Students enrolling in Crystal Light Healing® 5 will undertake Crystal Light Healing® 1, 2, 3 and 4 as part of the Teachers Course ( ie. there are no pre-requisites to enrol in Crystal Light Healing® 5)

Crystal Light Healing® Summary

Every participant is gifted the following at each workshop:

  • Comprehensive bound Seminar Workbook ( over 160 pages)
  • Scrumptious morning and afternoon teas
  • Free use of all crystals and vibrational products throughout the workshop
  • All participants receive a free gift to support their healing in the days and weeks after the workshop

On Completion of

  • Crystal Light Healing® 1& / 2& / 3 – participants receive a certification of completion for each level
  • Crystal Light Healing® 1, 2 and 3 )all three levels) – participants receive a certificate of Metaphysical Healing – Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner

Crystal Light Healing® Practitioners Qualify for;

  • Free registration on the Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner Directory located on website. ( your own webpage, photo and unique outline of your work!)
  • Registration with professional associations such as and

Workshop Prices

Crystal Light Healing® Workshop   Level 1 – $495

If paid 30 days in advance ( before workshop commences) then each Workshop has a $50 early bird discount. ($445)