Feng Shui for your Home or Business

Residential Feng Shui

Mini Consult including house clearing
Cost $388.00 on location

Perfect when selling your home or when you move into a new one

Distance Feng Shui Consult for your home via email. (photos required)
Cost $388.00

This consultation is best if you are not in the local area or would like a more comprehensive report than the mini.

Feng Shui for your home on location
Cost $488 ( add $100 for written report)

This comprehensive consultation is ideal for locals and if you prefer to discuss the Feng Shui changes in person.

If you require a written report the cost is an extra $100. You are most welcome to take your own notes during the consultation to save this fee.

Commercial Feng Shui

Distance Feng Shui Consult for your business via email ( Photos Required)
$588.00  ( includes logo, business cards , phone number etc)

Ideal investment if you are considering purchasing an existing business or moving to a new location. Correct Feng Shui has a powerful impact on the success of your business overall and a small investment now may bring a large return later or save you thousands on an incorrect location choice.

Feng Shui for your business on location including written report.
(includes logo, business card analysis, phone number & address numerology
Cost $788.00

Please call Sue to make appointment and payment.
Phone: 0422 893269

Feng Shui

Consults through appointment :

Please call Sue on 0422 893 269 for all enquiries and bookings