In today’s modern era of technology it isn’t hard to picture that we are living in a virtual bee hive of magnetic fields. Electrical radiation (positive ions) is produced by TV’s, computers, overhead lighting, wireless printers, microwaves, modems, mobiles and cordless phones. Over time this can negatively affect our physical and emotional state.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are Nature’s very own air ionisers that effectively produce and release negative ions that bond with pollutants (positive ions – generated by electrical equipment) and neutralise them – removing them from the air.

As a result the Himalayan Salt Lamps improve the quality of our environment and our wellbeing.  Salt Lamps have been known to improve and relieve skin conditions, breathing disorders, insomnia, cold and flu symptoms, hyperactivity, calming and restoring harmony to your environment.  Use near electrical equipment and in bedrooms.

Salt Lamps