Distance House Clearing

This is an energy clearing addressing any inconsistencies of positive energy flow both in and around your home.
Also includes clearing energies of death imprints and spirit releasement from your home if required. There may be underground water or high level EMRs etc affecting your home also.
Perfect when buying, selling or to clear a not so positive situation.

Consider also a full Feng Shui consult to correct energy flow long term.
Great for improving family relationships of household members.

Please Note!! 

1. Click the Pay Button to make payment.
2. On return from Paypal, you will be bought back to the form below that is required to be filled out. Please complete this form and click Send.

Once both payment and the form have been submitted, Sue can then begin the House Clearing process for you.


Sue’s promise is that she will connect in with you with her Divine Healing guides and help. YOU are an integral part of this house clearing, and following any post clearing instructions is vital for long term results.

There are no appointed times for these sessions, so after Sue has completed your house clearing, she will send you an email with your results along with any instructions if necessary. Please make sure that you have given us your correct email address.


Distance House Clearing $150

Distance House Form

Please fill in this form to complete the process after payment has been made.

An email will be sent when healing is complete with any relevant extra feedback and instructions.

House Clearing Form

  • First and Last Name
  • Please describe the reason in detail for this House Clearing.
  • Please provide a photo of the outside of the house from the front or a photo of the area / room of particular concern.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.