The John of God Crystal Beds are an extension of the work of the Spirit Doctors for those who cannot travel to the Casa Dom Ignacio in Brazil for treatment. The Crystal Bed practitioner is not an intermediary for the Spirit Doctors. Each John of God Crystal Bed or Crystal Bath session experience is unique in energy received.

Prior energy before the Crystal Bed session may or may not be guided by the Practitioner from their higher spiritual studies and the spiritual guides and Angels assisting them. Practitioners may choose to pray, meditate, prepare, clear and hold room energy before your session, and/or assist and guide you in prayer or meditation, clearing and healing energies and modalities only before and after the crystal bed session. Practitioners are not allowed to assist with energy modalities during your crystal bed healing session while you are under the Crystal lights.

crystal bed

All spiritual assistance on the crystal beds varies to each individual session and is provided by the Invocation of the healing Spirit Doctors with their Spiritual assistants. Your Invoked Angels and personal spiritual guides may also hold energy around you during your Crystal Bed healing session or Crystal light Bath session.

How does the Crystal Light Bed work?


The Crystal Light Bed contains seven clear quartz crystals which are aligned with each of your respective chakras.  Coloured light is pulsed through the crystals corresponding with the light of each of your chakras which harmonises your body’s electromagnetic field.

When balance is resored all facets of our lives benefit, as we are living in harmony with our perfect, natural state… We are able to heal faster, sleep better and go about our lives in a more energised, focused, clear and happy way. Because we feel better we look better, behave better and see the world in a fresh way.


Many people feel a profound effect from one session, generally entering a deeply relaxing, meditative state. ‘ It is also common to feel an openness and connection to our Earth, each other and the Universe. You may receive internal guidance about any aspect of your life.  The crystal bed experience is very individual and unique.

Afterwards it is advisable to rest, avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water.

See the John of God Healing Centre website for more details
about this and the Crystal Bed Sessions

Casual Visit $75
Regular Visit $60
As an add-on to a healing session $50
Or book a package of 6 and only pay $300

Please call Sue to make appointment and payment.
Phone: 0422 893269