Oracle Readings with Sue

Certified & Experienced Psychic Coach, Oracle of Auset, Trance channel, Psychic Medium & Angel Intuitive

30 Minute Psychic Reading /Divination

Perfect for quick questions or clarification of highest priority. Quick action and insight to present and future. Brief numerology.

30 Mins Session $95

60 Min Psychic Reading/ Divination/ Coaching

Great for Future Direction, Love & Relationships, Career & Business, Travel, Health, Spiritual direction, assistance in

defining and accepting soul contracts, lessons and karmic patterns, Year ahead.

60 Mins Session $150

Psychic Readings Maroochydore

90 Min Psychic Reading/Divination/Coaching/ Healing

Ideal for any issue, question or situation past, present & or future. Includes Karmic Release/clearing karmic blocks where affecting you now. For clearing and healing difficult people or situations in your life. Also includes short healing session and meditation/channeling.

90 Mins Session $195 

NOTE: Please pay online and then call to make your appointment.  Contact Sue first on 0422 893269 to check availability if you require a reading within the next few days as in person readings are heavily booked.