These Are The Exact Locations Of The Earth’s Main Chakra Points

People have 7 main chakra points and several minor ones. In the same way, the Earth has seven main chakra points and many other minor ones. These chakra points of the Earth are called ley lines and are very intriguing.

We, the people, are a mirror of our universe. We are part of it, but it is part of us as well. The lay lines that we mentioned above are specific places on the earth that are significant. Often, these places include structures that were made by humans. These places and structures are thought to have special spiritual importance.

These ley lines also intersect between each other. The points where they intersect are believed to have high energy. Furthermore, if you closely analyze these ley lines and their intersections, you will see that they hide even more amusing things. For instance, astrological constellations also align with these ley lines. Below in the article, you can see the map where the seven major chakra points are marked. The locations are also listed.

Root chakra
Location – Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta is part of the Cascade Mountain Range. This mountain range runs from California into Oregon and up to Canada. Many experts and believers in the earth’s chakras theory believe that the Shasta Mountain is one of the most electrically charged mountains. The entire area is also believed to emit energy.

Sacral Chakra
Location – Peru, Bolivia – Lake Titicaca
There are several landmarks that mark the importance of this area. The ley lines cross directly in the center of the lake.

Solar plexus chakra
Location – Australia, Ayers Rock, Uluru
This area is considered to be a sacred place even today by the native inhabitants, the Aboriginals.

Heart chakra
Location – England, Glastonbury
Glastonbury in England is considered to be the heart of the world.

Throat chakra
Location – the Great Pyramid of Giza
The Great Pyramid of Giza is an extremely important location as it is one of the largest energy spots in the world.

Third eye chakra
Current location – Western Europe, the chakra moves
This is the only chakra of the earth that changes its location. The location of this chakra changes on every 150 years. Nowadays, the chakra is located in Western Europe or more precisely near Stonehenge. The next location of the chakra is believed to be near Brazil soon.

Crown chakra
Location – Tibet, Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash is one of the most sacred mountains in the world. It is believed that you can harness the energy of this sacred mountain. The energy is best harvested at night, in the Full Moon and when the Moon is in Scorpio. The reason why this is the best time for energy harness is that the mountain is connected to the Scorpio Full Moon.