Mystic Universe

Welcome to Your Mystic Universe Workshop Portal

This is the page that all users see upon login in to what as a sample is called “course X” In order to better match this environment to your courses the next step will be to set up your standard workshops which recur – like oracle card workshop, Crystal Healing workshop or General Interest or Practitioner workshops.


Course Description

This is course X. The idea is to offer this course for sale in your woocommerce store as a product. Upon selling a Practitioners workshop you can create a login to this course X and email the details to the participant. Setting up the course once will then provide consistent access and information for all participants. The lifetime of the course can be managed here, the participant can update his own details here. This solution is also able to collect payments and manage automatic renewals – however it is in its free of charge form limited to the use of PAYPAL as payment platform. This is why you sell your products through woo commerce and then manually set up the new user. The paid for version of “Paid member subscription” is able to handle Square payments as well however it costs $69 USD per year.

Course Materials

Here we can add links to download particular course Material in any format required so the Course Participant can access a range of documents on his own time for learning review…

Upcoming Zoom Webinar

Here the course participant finds details of upcoming zoom webinars including details to log in. Your Course X may include various zoom webinars over a period of time. You can set up all zoom webinars or meetings in advance so your course participant can see all upcoming interactions. Any way you work with zoom can be integrated here and is fully protected through the login so no casual visitors can view those meetings. Even the meeting itself can be embedded if preferred.

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