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Auset Temple Egyptian Energy Healing

Auset Ancient Egyptian Healing is a system of Spiritual energy healing based on Ancient Egyptian Healing methods and Alchemy. It includes working with energies from the planet Sirius plus the Egyptian Divinities especially Goddess Auset. 

Auset is also known as Isis and is the Ancient Egyptian Mother Goddess of Magic, Healing and Spiritual Science. Attunements and initiations to her powerful blue healing energies as well as many other divinities, are the basis for this highly effective healing modality. 

Auset healing is wonderful for self healing, healing for family and friends or as a “Hands On” system for healing for clients. The Auset Divine Blue energy is sent from the hands and heart with love and has a great healing effect for those with chronic and acute pain, stress, migraines, neck and back problems, chronic fatigue and many other ailments. Course students have also received amazing healings following attendance through the “Self-Healing” techniques taught during the course.

Auset Healing is very different to Reiki, Sekhem or Isis Seichim. Powerful healing and psychic abilities, latent within us all, are increased when the 12 strand DNA & Cosmic Energy Field are activated.

Spiritual Surgery techniques are also taught which is wonderful to use when nothing else seems to work. 

Auset Healing is also a planetary system of healing and can heal the environment where it is practised.

Discover for yourself the power of these Secret Egyptian Healing Codes and why so many healers, nurses, doctors, lawyers and parents around the world are seeking to study this beautiful and remarkably effective system of Alchemical Ancient Egyptian Healing.

All healers (even those with advanced skills) find these workshops greatly enhance their healing abilities. Even if you have no healing experience you can become an effective healer! All Health Care Professionals can adapt these energies and the knowledge taught to greatly enhance their practice.

There are 3 levels required to become a qualified practitioner of Auset Temple Healing. Courses must be taken in order to achieve qualified practitioner certification. Each level costs $495 and is held over 2 days. Usually a Thursday and Friday. If you require a Friday night/Saturday combination due to work commitments, please join our waitlist.