Mystic Universe

Essence Of Angels

Essence of Angels® courses create a sacred space for you to experientially embrace the 13 Archangels of Creation through your 13 Chakras, your 13 Levels of DNA Consciousness and through the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube

This divine and most sacred Archangel awakening opens up a profoundly enlightening conscious connection with your higher self and assists in the healing past/current life traumas, transmuting limiting beliefs and connecting with / co-creating future potentials. Above all, Essence of Angels® inspires you to fearlessly move beyond your comfort zone and be courageous enough to walk your truth, own your power and transform your life from the inside-out. The Essence of Angels® is not just another course on Angels or Angel Healing workshop! The Essence of Angels® is one of our ‘Life Mastery’ courses that provides real tools to bring spiritual/ metaphysical principles into your physical world… whether you are a novice, dedicated healer or business professional. The Essence of Angels® provides the keys to catapulting your personal growth, mastering your life’s journey and elevating your professional performance in business.

Whether you study Essence of Angels® for your own personal development, or to graduate as an Essence of Angels® Practitioner, this event will accelerate your spiritual development and awaken your intuitive and psychic abilities in a nurturing, peaceful and loving setting. Essence of Angels® Practitioner-2 day Certification Course On completion of the 2 day Essence of Angels® Practitioner Course, students receive a Certificate of Metaphysical Healing – Essence of Angels® Practitioner and qualify for registration on our ULTMSH Practitioner & Teacher Directory .

The Essence of Angels® Practitioner Course is also fully accredited with the IICT (, thus Essence of Angels® Practitioner graduates can join the association and receive further benefits such as professional indemnity insurance.