Essence of Angels Workshop

The Essence of Angels workshop is a two day event where we journey through each of your Chakra’s / Archangels of Creation to awaken your conscious connection with your higher self, heal past life traumas and connect with potential future gifts. There are lots of practical exercises, group work and time to answer personal questions. Students learn how to work with the Archangels to promote healing, optimal health, mental clarity, emotional balance and facilitate spiritual enlightenment.

Whilst we use the Essence of Angels vibrational essences ( and other vibrational products) throughout the workshop to awaken participants DNA, and to expand your concious connection with the Archangels, students also learn how to work with this healing modality without the use of vibrational remedies for healing.

Students also learn how to use the Essence of Angels healing modality to compliment other modalities ( such as Reiki, Massage, Counselling, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Hebal Medicine, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing etc ..), as well as practical and spiritual advice on how to setup your own healing practice.

  • Participants are gifted the following at every workshop:
    Comprehensive bound Seminar Workbook ( over 160 Pages);
    Scruptious morning and afternoon teas;
  • Free use of all Essence of Angels vibrational remedies and products throughout the workshop;
  • All participants receive a free gift to support their healing in the days and weeks after the workshop.

Essence of Angels Practitioners

Graduates of the Essence of Angels are transformative healers who have embraced their own Soul Purpose and are leaders in awakening humanity through LOVE.

On completion of the workshop, graduates receive a Certificate of Metaphysical Healing – Essence of Angels Practitioner.

  • Essence of Angels Practitioners then qualify for:
    Free registration on the Essence of Angels Practionioner Directory located on ( your own webpage, photo and unique outline of your work!)
  • Registration with professional associations such as

Angelic Crystalline Healing Modality based of the Elements of Creation

Transformational workshop embracing:
– Finding your soul purpose
– Viewing past lives
– Stimulating medical intuition
– Accessing your potential future gifts & talents

Essence Of Angles 2 Day Practitioner Course

Sunshine Coast workshops are held at :
Mystic Universe
5/80 Sixth Ave Maroochydore Qld, 4558
Please call Sue on 0422 893 269 of all enquiries and bookings