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Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching Training

On any spiritual topic for Personal development or fulfilment for the mind, body and soul. Help transform your life and expand your mindset and assist you find direction and purpose.

Individual Session $250

Access Bars A Gentle relaxing treatment where the “bars” which are located on your head are lightly touched. This process releases blocked energy which dynamically reduces mind chatter and clutter, mood swings, anxiety, fear, depression and more. It increases mind clarity, brain function, inner calm and promotes more restful sleep. It can also assist with ADHD & Autism. Excellent for both children and adults.

$150 per session for Adults $50 Children up to 12 (only a short session is required)

Crystal Light Bed

The Crystal Light Beds are an extension of the work of the Spirit Doctors for those who cannot travel to the Casa Dom Ignacio in Brazil for Treatment. Each Crystal Light Bed session experience is unique in energy received.

The Crystal Light Bed contains seven clear quartz crystals which are aligned with each of your respective chakras. Coloured light is pulsed through the crystals corresponding with the light of each of your chakras which harmonises your body’s electromagnetic field.

When balance is restored, all facets of our lives benefit as we are living in harmony with our perfect, natural state. We are able to heal faster, sleep better and go about our lives in a more energised, focused, clear and happy way.

Many people feel a profound effect from one session, generally entering a deeply relaxing, meditative state. It is also common to feel an openness and connection to our Earth, each other and the Universe. You may receive internal guidance about any aspect of your life. The Crystal Light Bed experience is very individual and unique.

Casual Session $60-30 mins/$80 – 45 Mins
Package (30 Min) $300 (Pay for 5, get one gifted)
Package (45 Min $400 (Pay for 5, get one gifted)
As an add-on to a healing session $50