Mystic Universe

Bastet Intuitive Crystal Bodywork

Relax deeply and let your cares, fears and concerns transmute into beautiful joyful and positive energy. This intuitive crystalline bodywork channeled by Goddess Bastet will reduce stress and physical tension, clear emotional and spiritual blockages and activate powerful kundalini energies.

This beautiful bodywork is a nurturing and empowering combination of many Ancient Egyptian Healing techniques, intuitive therapeutic massage and crystal therapy. Every session is unique and may also include elements of anointing, sound, hypnotic voice processes and meditation.Excellent for clearing feelings of overwhelm, sadness, disconnection and disharmony. This therapy is channeled to your healer Sue directly by Goddess Bastet and so contains Bastets energies of joy,creativity, manifestation, abundance and Kundalini activation. 

This therapy is 90 mins of intuitive crystal therapy, massage and energy healing plus a further 10-15 mins for a consultation.  Please allow at least one hour 45 mins for completion. Cost $195