About Mystic Universe
I am an experienced psychic reader and auset egyptian healer. I believe in caring, compassionate healing of our people, animals and the earth itself.

It is important to embrace this life experience and be fully, present to awaken ourselves and others. I love to work with crystals, the angelic realm, Ascended masters and egyptian Divinities for healing and releasing illnesses and any difficult siutiation. My focus is on sharing practical and effective methods for you to empower yourself I look forward to meeting you soon.

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Auset Temple Egyptian Energy Healing

Auset Temple Healing is highly effective Alchemical energy healing based on Ancient Egyptian Methods. Divine Blue Auset and Lotus energies are used to restore physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Includes a short consultation & quick reading to find the source of your concern or problem,  followed by a relaxing energy healing which clears and re-balances your aura. During the energy healing you receive the Auset energies, healing from the white light beings and a safe method of ‘spiritual surgery’ for internal healing.

Additional sessions may include Karmic Releases to assist with relationship challenges, blocks to abundance, and health issues. Your session may also include Spirit Releasement, Soul Retrieval, and Soul Re-connection to restore your energy and give deep healing to help resolve issues and concerns at a higher level.

Usually three appointments give the best results, but clients with chronic or major health challenges may need more.

Psychic Readings with Sue

Certified & Experienced Psychic Coach, Oracle of Auset, Trance channel, Psychic Medium & Angel Intuitive. Note: All readings can be completed via the internet if required. Recorded and sent to you for later listening. So no matter where you are in the world, you can get a Psychic reading for yourself.

30 min Psychic Readings/Divination
Perfect for quick questions or clarification of highest priority. Quick action and insight to present and future. Brief numerology.

60 min Psychic Reading/Divination/Coaching
Great for Future Direction, Love & Relationships, Career & Business, Travel, Health, Spiritual direction, assistance in defining and accepting soul contracts, lessons and karmic patterns, Year ahead.

90 min Psychic Reading/Divination/Coaching/Healing
Ideal for any issue, question or situation past, present & or future. Includes Karmic Release/clearing karmic blocks where affecting you now. For clearing and healing difficult people or situations in your life. Also includes short healing session and meditation/channelling.

General Interest and Practitioner courses available

Healings, Readings, Crystal light Bed Sessions Bookings Available

Crystals, Books, Oracle Cards, Herbs, Fengshui, Magical Items 


Lorraine - Crystal Bed​

I want to thank you for my first session on the crystal bed it was simply awesome. I woke that morning with a mouth ulcer that was getting sorer by the minute.When I first got on the crystal bed my first thought was "I must do something about that when I get home"I then let that thought go and relaxed and then to my surprise I found that the mouth ulcer was completely gone! I was stunned! Thanks again
Crystal Bed Customer

Mary - Reading

Absolutely fantastic, it was like Sue was reading my mind. Definitely worth having a reading.
Reading Customer

David - Healing

Thank you so much for the healing session with you. The spirits really blessed us when we found you. My mood has lifted as far as the heavens and my tiredness was all gone.You helped me heal today and for that I will be forever grateful you truly are a blessed lady and I will be in contact again soon. Namaste David
Healing Customer

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Casual Treatment & Consultation Room Hire

Treatment and Consultation rooms

Are available for hire on both a casual and permanent basis. Only casual booking rates are available for online purchase.

Room Hire Rates

  • Hourly $30
  • Half day (4 hours) $75
  • Full day $ 125
  • Multiple day or weekly hire Price on application