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John of God Crystal Healing Bed. – Appointments Now Available

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Heal with the Spirit Doctors. The Crystal healing bed is an extension of the work of the Spirit doctors for those who cannot travel to the Casa Dom Ignacio in Brazil for treatment. Each Crystal Bed session experience is unique in energy received. Sue was able to obtain special permission from John of God (whom thousands of people all over the world visit to receive healing) to offer this profound healing to others in the clinic. We now offer these amazing sessions either on their own or combined with healing sessions for even more remarkable results.

Please call for further information or questions and to book your very own session or share it with a friend using our 2nd Crystal Bed. There is an extra special offer to try the Crystal Healing Bed combined with a short healing and clearing sessions. Please be aware that this is a very in demand treatment all around the world so don’t delay in making your appointment.

For more information you can look at the John of God Healing Centre

Current Scheduled Workshops

CoursesDatesGeneral Info
Psychic Development WorkshopWed 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd May 2018
Start Time: 9.30am
A 4 week Psychic Development Workshop. 1 Workshop following on from the last, each week for 4 consecutive weeks. 1 Hour Each
Meditation WorkshopWed 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd May 2018
Start Time: 11am
A 4 week Meditation Workshops. 1 Workshop following on from the last, each week for 4 consecutive weeks. 1 Hour Each
Crystal Information Session1st Friday of Every Month ( Starting April)1 Hour Info Session Choosing, Cleaning and using crystals for yourself and in your home.
FREE Session
Auset Healing Level 1Thur 19th & Fri 20th Apr 2018Discover for yourself the power of these Secret Egyptian Healing Codes
Auset Divination

Sat 21st & Sun 22nd Apr 2018See your own life, understand why situations are occurring & change your future
Auset Healing Level 2Mon 23rd & Tues 24th Apr 2018This course continues to be a Hands on system of Healing that works at Soul & Akashic Record Level .
Crystal Healing Layouts WorkshopTBA ( if you interested in these please let us know)
Time: 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm
Learn Crystal Healing Layouts
Crystal Gridding WorkshopTBA ( if you interested in these please let us know)
Time: 9.00am – 12.00 pm
Learn Crystal Gridding
Spirit Doctor Healing and MeditationTBA ( if you interested in these please let us know)
Time: 5.30 pm – 6.45 pm
A night of group healing and meditation bringing in the Spirit Doctors to heal you.
Angle Card ReadingsTBA1 Day Workshop
10am – 4pm
Angels WorkshopTBA1 Day Workshop
10am – 4pm
Beginners Crystal Workshop

TBA1 Day Workshop
10am – 1pm
Crystal Light Healing Level 1TBAReceive Practitioner Certificate of Metaphysical Healing
Crystal Light Healing Level 2TBAThe primary aim of this course is to awaken students to the Crystalline Matrix (auric field) of the body
Crystal Light Healing Level 3TBAReceive Practitioner Certificate of Metaphysical Healing
Essence of AngelsTBAReceive Practitioner Certificate of Metaphysical Healing
Angel Miracles Level 1TBASee Angels & Auras, Speak with the Angels and create healing miracles for yourself.
Angel Miracles Level 2

TBAThis course will focus on your skills to receive messages from your angels and to use them to give accurate readings for yourself and others.

All Sunshine Coast Worshops are Held in Maroochydore at
Mystic Universe 5/80 Sixth Ave
For all enquiries and bookings please contact Sue on 0422 893269

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Good Morning,  beautiful Goddess of Love and golden Light .
Words fail me to express my gratitude towards you and the team of Healers who did such amazing surgery on my abdomen yesterday. I am totally in awe and filled with endless gratitude for having been allowed to be healed by all those skilled Spiritual Doctors John of God is being surrounded with. Blessed be.
I was in excruciating pain with my left hip after the surgery,  that I could hardly walk. Spirit told me that the pain would only be temporarily as the Doctors had put too much weight on my left hip when they operated on my abdomen since they needed to concentrate during that rather intense surgery.  I felt the healing on my left hip taking place during the night.
This morning I am able to put my foot back on the ground and the pain has diminished considerably. 
Blessings and Love to you and Pete. I bless the day that I set foot into your magic shop and when I met the two of you


Sue is am amazing woman and has many great qualities than anyone seeking her style of services will greatly appreciate and gain from.


Thank you so much for the healing session with you. The spirits really blessed us when we found you. My mood has lifted as far as the heavens and my tiredness has all gone, You helped to heal me today and for that I will be forever grateful. You truly are a blessed lady and I will be keeping you in my prayers and thanking god for our chance meeting. I will be in contact again soon.


Absolutely fantastic ,it was like Sue was reading my mind, she told me secrets I hadn’t told anyone, she told me things that were so spot on.
Definately worth having a reading


I want to thank you for my first session on the crystal bed. It is simply awesome.
I woke that morning with a mouth ulcer that was getting sorer by the minute.
When I first got on the bed my thought was “I must do something about that mouth ulcer when I get home” – I then let that thought go and relaxed. After the session I felt wonderfully relaxed and then to my surprise I found that the mouth ulcer was completely gone! I was stunned!

Thanks again..