Mystic Universe

Auset Egyptian Temple Healing Level Two

Auset Egyptian Temple Healing Level Two Advanced Auset Healing & Karmic Release Essential Pre-requisites: Auset Healing Level One & Auset Divination. This Auset Healing Level 2 Course continues to be a Hands-on system of Healing that works at Soul & Akashic Record Level. As past life Karma & much present-day karma is cleared healing often can occur spontaneously.

Includes attunements to the Goddess Maat & the God Tehuti plus Auset Soul Energy Clearing & highly effective detailed Karmic Release Process. Plus Divine Seed Pearl activation for true Karmic Healing & Ascension. Heals at a very deep & permanent level. Also includes guided meditations to use with your clients.

Divine Seed Pearls are within us all – they are like our Soul Energy Blueprint. They need to be cleared and activated so we can manifest healing all levels for our clients and ourselves.

Healing at this level can be for major and minor physical disorders plus difficult situations and people in our life! Plus we can do this for family & clients. The Goddess Sekhmet energy is so transformational and intense – all the very powerful and skilled Ancient Egyptian Healing Priests and Priestesses were Priest/esses of The Goddess Sekhmet & Maat.

We also work with White Lotus Energy & Sacred Geometry plus many more ancient Egyptian Divinities whom we realise offer us much Divine Healing Power when we know exactly HOW to work with them.