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Auset Egyptian Temple Divination Become an oracle of Auset

Train as a Psychic Oracle of Auset, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Prophecy.

Using AUSET EGYPTIAN ORACLE, Ancient Egyptian Divination & Alchemy Cards by Elisabeth Jensen – to give yourself & others clear, accurate, wise, specific & insightful readings. Pre-requisite Course: Auset/Isis Lotus Healing level One. The Auset Divination course is an essential pre-requisite to Auset Healing Level Two. Auset Egyptian oracle Cards are best purchased in advance – please read the quidebook prior to the course if possible – and bring your Auset Egyptian oracle Cards with you please! Using the process of Divination – i.e. to commune with the Divinities to access their wisdom and quidance & Alchemy – transforming dense physical energies to higher ones through Initiations/Energy Attunements & Meditations – we will transform our lives then be able to give positive, accurate & healing readings for family and clients.

See your own life, understand why situations are occurring & change your future if you wish using Ancient Egyptian Alchemical ways to do this.

A wonderful way to connect with many of the Ancient Egyptian Divinities & receive their messages plus to enhance your Auset Level One Healing practice. You will be able to offer such wonderfully helpful & surprisingly specific & wise readings to yourself and family and clients. Includes invoking each Divinity, Egyptian Alchemy, Numerology, Past Life Readings plus how to use the cards for medical intuition if combining Readings & Auset Healings. Includes a highly effective Karmic Release Meditation & Clearing.

PLUS powerful Energy Attunements/Initiations to the Egyptian Gods Horus & Amun ra- to clear & activate your third eye. Plus to Goddesses Sekhmet & Bast to activate your Kundalini energy. Includes two energy attunements, comprehensive notes, plus a Certificate as a Psychic Oracle of Goddess Auset.