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Dragon Power – Level 3

* Prerequisites are Dragons 101 and Dragon Oracle This workshop blends the information from Levels 1 & 2 together in the form of processes to use the Dragon energy and knowledge for powerful change, creation and manifestation. – How to empower yourself with the assistance of the Dragons – Powerful rituals with Dragon Energy to […]

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Dragon Oracle – Level 2

*Prerequisite course is Dragon 101 How to use Dragon Oracles for self guidance and also to accurately and intuitively read them for others. We use several card packs in this workshop and you will learn how to use them together for detailed answers and guidance. Dragon Path Oracle cards are essential for you to purchase

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Dragons 101 – Level 1

Dragons 101 is an Introduction to the amazing Dragon Realm Learn all the Dragon basics.  Who they are and why they are here How to connect to Dragons and Dragon Consciousness How the Dragons can help you Meet your own guardian Dragon Understand some of the different types of Dragons Learn about the New Earth

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Auset Egyptian Temple Divination Become an oracle of Auset

Train as a Psychic Oracle of Auset, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Prophecy. Using AUSET EGYPTIAN ORACLE, Ancient Egyptian Divination & Alchemy Cards by Elisabeth Jensen – to give yourself & others clear, accurate, wise, specific & insightful readings. Pre-requisite Course: Auset/Isis Lotus Healing level One. The Auset Divination course is an essential pre-requisite to

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Angel Miracles Psychic Development

ANGEL MIRACLES PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT See Angels & Auras, speak with the angels and create healing miracles for yourself. Includes channelled teachings from Archangel Hamied Angel of Miracles. This course will change your life and your perception of the world as you know it Wonderful for inner peace and the ability to cope with challenges Greatly

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Psychic Angel Card Readings

Psychic Angel Card Readings. Pre-requisite course Miracles Psychic Development. This course will focus on skills to receive messages from your angels and to use them to accurate readings for yourself and others. Two very powerf beautiful energy attunements to Archangel Metatron & Gabrielle reconnect you energetically to your psychic self to assist with readings. Learn

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Angel Miracles Psychic Mediumship

ANGEL MIRACLES PSYCHIC MEDIUMSHIP Pre-Requisite Course – Angel Miracles Psychic Development Course. Train to give Psychic Mediumship Readings & Spirit Releasements. Intensive Course in giving Evidential Mediumship Readings for clients. Includes Counselling skills so you can always give positive and healing psychic readings to clients. The focus of this course is on giving Mediumship Counselling

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Essence Of Angels

Essence of Angels® courses create a sacred space for you to experientially embrace the 13 Archangels of Creation through your 13 Chakras, your 13 Levels of DNA Consciousness and through the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube This divine and most sacred Archangel awakening opens up a profoundly enlightening conscious connection with your higher self and

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Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching Training On any spiritual topic for Personal development or fulfilment for the mind, body and soul. Help transform your life and expand your mindset and assist you find direction and purpose. Individual Session $250 Access Bars A Gentle relaxing treatment where the “bars” which are located on your head are lightly touched. This

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Distance Healing and Clearing

Distance Healings This is a full 1 hour Auset Energy healing sent via distance. You may wonder how this can possibly work…but the results an feedback have been amazing from clients. You receive a Healing, clearing and Karmic Release with the Egyptian Divinities, Angels and White Light Beings. Also spirit releasement is included where required.

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Crystal Light Healing

Crystal Light Healing Based on the crystal wisdom of the ancient mystery schools of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and the Mayan civilisation. Tap into your soul purpose as well as release old fears and paffers that no longer serve. Receive DNA Activations to step into your personal power and fulfil your divine potential. Receive clarity around

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