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David – Healing

Thank you so much for the healing session with you. The spirits really blessed us when we found you. My mood has lifted as far as the heavens and my tiredness was all gone. You helped me heal today and for that I will be forever grateful you truly are a blessed lady and I […]

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Lorraine – Crystal Bed​

I want to thank you for my first session on the crystal bed it was simply awesome. I woke that morning with a mouth ulcer that was getting sorer by the minute. When I first got on the crystal bed my first thought was “I must do something about that when I get home”I then

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Hi Sue ..I was earlier literally dancing around the house and wondered why the sudden change in how I was feeling .. then I see your message .. boom and see you have done clearing/healing .. boom.!  Thank you Sue for the magic you BE Gratitude for you !! Ann ✨

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Hello Sue,  Thank you today I love our sessions your energy helps me to keep moving forward and every time I leave your space it has a feeling like being home – I feel very blessed.  Much love and hugs 

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Elisabeth Jensen

Such a beautiful shop. Sue Kelly is one of my most popular & loved Auset Egyptian Temple &. Angel Miracles Psychic Courses Teachers. I am extremely & exited proud to recommend her courses & consultations to you Elisabeth Jensen Auset Temple Healing

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I was having a break in Cotton Tree trying to sort through some tough life challenges, I was having daily therapy sessions but felt it wasn’t helping much. So one afternoon I went for a walk and stumbled upon this place with crystals everywhere, I couldn’t help but go in and then I met Sue.

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