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Crystal Water Bottle


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One of the simplest vibrational medicines that you can easily prepare yourself at home, crystal elixirs are waters infused with gems or crystals. During the infusion process, your drinking water becomes attuned with a gem or crystal’s specific vibration. Each crystal has unique information in it’s vibration – this ancient knowledge has been handed down for generations, across many cultures. Crystals transfer their healing vibrations into the water we drink and bathe in.

When making crystal gem elixirs, using the INDIRECT method, you will not have to worry about whether your crystals are toxic or have a small amount of toxic crystals mixed in with the main crystal. This method is the preferred method of making safe drinking elixirs. The INDIRECT method is when the crystals never actually touch the drinking water/fluid. It’s well known that the crystals don’t have to actually touch the water to infuse their energy.


Generous wide top opening, Sealed base = zero leakage, Twin Chamber design, Chamber for crystals, Neoprene protective sleeve / carry pouch

Clear Quartz

Rose Quartz



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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 cm


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