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Venue for all workshops – Mystic Universe Maroochydore
Please contact Sue 0422 893269 for all course times, content enquiries and bookings.

Angel Miracles Psychic Oracle Card Readings -Includes Powerful attunements to assist with you being able to do intuitive card readings by enhancing your Psychic ability. This 2 Day workshop includes bound course notes and attunements each day. Weds 10th & Thurs 11th January. Investment $470

All Bookings- $200 non refundable deposit required to book this workshop. Balance payable on the first day

555 Gateway

2021 is the Universal Year number 5 so this is the most incredibly powerful gateway this year. The number five is the number of action and change. At this moment in our ascension process it is calling us to let go of old personal beliefs and ultimately belief systems. Release all that does not serve you or the earth. Delve into why you believe something has to be a certain way in your life. Is it habit? Is it outdated programming? Is this what you truly desire to create as it serves you on your path in a powerful way.