Mystic Universe

12/12 Galactic Ascension Gateway

Join us Tuesday December 12th at 8pm AEST for this beautiful galactic healing distance event! 

12/12 Galactic Ascension Gateway  – Distance Activation & Healing Event

Each year there an energy ascension gateway that opens on 12/12 and remains flowing until 21/12. (Solstice)
This energy flows directly from the Cosmic Gateway from our Galactic centre. During this time we are immersed
with an incredible infusion of photon energy and light. As we receive this light our energy field receives and attunes us
to the frequencies emitted, creating an update to our ascension codes.

During this event on 12/12 we will be energetically travelling to source energy and your galactic home star. This allows you to transition to a new dimension of existence. It is time to move full speed ahead and think creatively to shape your future in a way that is true and authentic for you. These energies also give you the power to liberate yourself from old ways of living and thinking. Time to be the creator of your world!
(Astrology of the Sun on 12/12 in aspects to Saturn and Uranus)

As 12th December is the opening of the gateway energies, and they flow until the Solstice on December 22nd 1.27pm AEST, it is highly recommended to join both healing events as a literal opening and closing of the circle (Gateway). This also allows you a defined time of increased energies and action to put in place the roots of a productive and powerful 2024. 
However if you just wish to participate in one and not the other, you are of course absolutely welcome to join us for the event you choose. 

Tuesday December 12th@8pm AEST Cost $20 per person
If you wish to book for the Solstice Event at the same time you are welcome to pay $40 now for both,
(Just mention in your payment message that it is for both events) 

When you have booked, your name is written on a card and physically added to a large crystal grid healing and activation circle. The activation is channelled and guided by Sue in conjunction with many astral beings. Each person who has their name in the circle receives a short healing and the gateway energy is directed specifically to each in turn distantly, until everyone has received the healing and activation. . 

It is not essential to be resting or in meditation to receive this energy activation although you will enjoy it if you do. Due to different time zones and schedules even if you are not at rest or in meditation you will still receive the energy. 
For all bookings please direct deposit your $20 per person payment and then notify Sue by text or email that it has been done. Please include your name, or the person you are booking for, to receive the healing.