Mystic Universe

Solstice Light Point Stargate Activation Events

* Please note there are two options for this event

First Option – Solstice Light Point Merkaba Activation only which will be held on Thursday 22nd June 12.57am AEST
Cost $20

This will be an upgrade activation for our Merkaba Lightbody to allow you to function from a higher state of conscious awareness. These activations carry the potentials of deepening your psychic intuition, increasing your healing abilities and experiencing a powerful upgrade within your Merkaba light body.
As the Merkaba upgrades it realigns us with humanities higher consciousness to support us all through evolution of the Earth at this time. At the Solstice Point a portal/gateway is opened to allow incredible downloads of divine knowledge and light energy to activate your divinity within.
You do not need to be awake to receive this activation, fine to sleep through. For those of you in other time zones, it is also fine if you are working or going about your daily tasks. Carry either the selenite or apophyllite crystal in your pocket if awake or have beside your bed if you will be asleep.

Second Option – Solstice Light Point Merkaba activation
Plus Advanced activation and healing upgrade. Cost $100

This healing/activation is held over 3 sessions. Ideal if you have felt low in energy, lost or unfocused or just wish to rejoin your fellow light workers on their spiritual path. You do not need to be lying down for these activations you can receive them wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

This will be an advanced activation & healing that is suitable for those who regularly take part in the activations/healings/workshop   Or anyone who is currently working on their spiritual growth and soul ascension. 

The Dragons, Egyptian Divinities, Arcturians and many other spiritual masters guided by the Galactic Fedaration will bring through a series of activations and healings to you all to quantum leap your illuminated consciousness over this three days.

Session One – Wednesday 21st June 10pm AEST
Soul Retrieval to achieve wholeness of all parts of your soul restoring energy, creating clarity and creating a sense of peace and belonging.
There will also be a crystal dragon skull healing with “Merlin” on your energy field to remove any entities, implants and to clear energy blocks affecting you.

Session Two – Solstice Light Point Merkaba Activation Thursday 22nd 12.57am AEST This is the same as the first option above.

Session Three – Friday 23rd June 12 noon AEST Deep soul embodiment. Consciousness of heart of humanity and embodiment of “We are all one” This is for all light beings who have incarnated to be of service in this lifetime and are here to assist humanity in the Great Awakening. Your reward is higher frequencies and an easy transition into 7th dimensional being. * For all bookings please direct deposit either the $20 payment for Option 1 or the $100 payment for option 2 and notify Sue by text or email that it has been done and your name to receive the healing. 
Text 0408 813379 or  Email –