Mystic Universe

Energetic Series of Events – 17 Days of Transformation

The activations will begin on the 4th with grounding and anchoring and then continue on the 5th with a download of energy from Sekhmet to increase transformation power. There will be a truth and clarity activation on the 8th with the eclipse energy and the circle and activation will complete on the 21st with Jupiter massively boosting and amplifying all energies.

Starting  Thursday 4th April. 8pm AEST
 $20 per session or $50 for all 4 events. ( See information on each event listed below)

You do not need to be resting or in meditation to receive these energy activations, fine to sleep through, be working or going about your daily tasks. You will still receive the energy. For all bookings please pay by direct deposit and then notify Sue by text or email. Please include your name or the name of the person you are booking for.
If you are paying for a single event please advise which event you are joining.

Text 0408 813379 or  Email –

4/4 Event Thursday 4th April 8pm AEST. Stabilising and Grounding Energies. Ground and anchor your light body and stabilise energies around you.
Make your plans prior to this so they can be anchored in place for best results. This activation is great for reducing stress and overwhelm and bringing in
calm and focus. Opening of the 17 days of transformation.

Friday 5th April 8pm AEST, Sekhmet energy of the heart as Venus enters Aries. Heart Chakra Activation and gentle fire energy kundalini activation.
Bringing forward the energy of Goddess Sekhmet energy to increase transformative effect. Perfect for clarity, purpose and passion.

Monday 8th April 8pm AEST – New Moon and Solar Eclipse Energy Event. 
This brings further clarity and awareness. Also fire energy to maximise the creation of your plans from the 4th.

Jupiter/ Uranus Event Sunday 21st April 8pm AEST.
Expansion of Psychic energy as new portals open and expand.
Raises Inner earth energy to the surface. Brings a massively powerful boost to magnify all that you desire to focus on. 
Completion of the 17 days of transformation

Tapping into the mythical energy of Sekhmet, the lioness-headed goddess of ancient Egypt

Sekhmet is associated with the pursuit of personal transformation and empowerment. Invoking Sekhmet’s essence is done to catalyze profound shifts in one’s life journey, ushering in courage, strength, and the capacity to embrace change.

At the heart of this practice lies the art of connecting with Sekhmet’s archetype a process that transcends the boundaries of time and space, reaching into the depths of human consciousness. Through meditation, prayer, or other contemplative methods, practitioners establish a palpable link with Sekhmet, envisioning her as a radiant source of transformative energy. In this communion with the divine, seekers often find solace and inspiration, drawing upon Sekhmet’s legendary attributes to navigate the complexities of their own existence.

Central to the transformative journey is the concept of energy work a dynamic interplay between the practitioner and the primal forces embodied by Sekhmet. Here, individuals visualize themselves as recipients of Sekhmet’s fiery essence, channeling her potent energy to surmount obstacles and ignite the flames of personal evolution. With each breath, they imbibe the courage to confront their fears, the resilience to endure trials, and the wisdom to embrace the ever-unfolding tapestry of life.

Rituals and offerings serve as sacred rites of communion, forging a deeper connection between the practitioner and Sekhmet’s divine essence. Whether through ceremonial gestures or heartfelt invocations, these acts of reverence honor Sekhmet’s timeless presence and beckon her benevolent guidance. Offerings of symbolic significance, such as offerings of strength and vitality, further reinforce the bond between the seeker and the deity, creating a harmonious exchange of energies that transcends the mundane realm.

Intent and focus form the bedrock of transformative practice, as seekers channel their aspirations into the crucible of Sekhmet’s fiery gaze. With unwavering determination, they set their sights on the horizon of possibility, visualizing the myriad pathways of growth and renewal that await them. Through the lens of Sekhmet’s archetype, they confront the shadows of the past, transmuting adversity into opportunities for healing and self-discovery.

Ultimately, the journey of transformation extends beyond the confines of ritual and contemplation, permeating every facet of the practitioner’s being. It is a call to action—an invitation to embody the fiery spirit of Sekhmet in all its resplendent glory. With each step taken in alignment with their highest purpose, seekers honor the sacred pact forged between mortal and deity, embracing the transformative power that lies dormant within their own hearts.

The invocation of Sekhmet stands as a timeless testament to the human capacity for growth and transcendence. Through the ages, seekers have drawn inspiration from her mythic saga, finding solace and strength in the enduring legacy of this ancient deity. As they stand on the threshold of personal transformation, they heed the call of Sekhmet’s roar—a primal symphony that echoes across the ages, reminding us of our innate potential to rise, reborn, from the ashes of our past.