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Last chance to book 12/12 Gateway Portal Distance Healing & Activation Event !!

Tomorrow night 8pm AEST 

12/12 Gateway Opening – Group Distance Activation & Healing Event 8pm Mon Dec 12th AEST

The 12/12 gateway is the opening of the portal of quantum shift and ascension. This gateway remains active until the Solstice on 22nd Dec.

During this time whilst the energy and frequencies are activated it enhances our ability to release and clear Karmic blocks, dissolve outdated 3D programming and shows the path forward illuminated with truth. As these releases occur within our energetic field we also awaken all of our Ascension Codes. (DNA Light codes, God codes, Dragon codes etc)

It is highly recommended to register for both the 12/12 event and Solstice Events. Solstice Event information will be sent out in the next newsletter, however if you wish to register in advance for the Solstice you can pay $40 for both now.

Dont miss this incredible energy portal and opportunity to align and receive this cosmic download. 
It is good to hold an anchoring crystal whilst tuning in to receive this energy. (Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Dragons Blood Jasper, Smokey Quartz etc)

If you will be asleep place the crystal in the bed beside you or on the bedside table.
You will receive many alchemical attunements and encodements during this time.

Cost $20

Please book and pay prior to 7pm Monday night 12th December. AEST You must then text your name to Sue on 0408813379  or email to so your name can be written and added to the healing circle.

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